Attend a mini lecture and receive M.E.W. hours. The mini lecture will be held in the M.E.W. classroom located within the M.E.W. Facility. Click the button below for topics and times.

* No Food, Gum or Drink in the Lab!
All cell phones and personal electronic devices must be turned off and stowed away.

* If you leave the lab for any reason, you must scan out.
* You must be actively participating in Mathematics or you will receive zero time.

1. Always go to class and pay attention.
2. Always spend at least the minimum lab hours required per week. Three hours a week does NOT mean 2hrs 59mins.
3. Actively participate in your work homework.
4. Ask questions! We are more than glad to help you.
5. Do not wait until deadlines to begin working on homework and quizzes.
6. Continue working similar exercises until you can do them without any help.
7. Keep an organized notebook.
8. Keep a positive attitude!

Because the Ellender Library is a place where students and faculty study, read, and conduct research in a quiet setting, it has adopted the following policy regarding the use of cell phones and pagers in the building. Before entering the library, cell phones and pagers must be switched to silent mode. If you need to answer or place a call, go to the designated area. Cell phone conversations are permitted in the first floor lobby. Cell phone use is prohibited in all other areas, including restrooms. Cell phone conversations should be brief and conducted in a low voice. Patrons failing to comply with the above stated policies will be asked to leave the building. To ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons and staff, the Ellender Memorial Library, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana, has set up the following code of conduct to cover all library property.No smoking, eating, drinking, or sleeping is permitted
in the library building. Making or causing any noise which disturbs the peace or good order of the Library is not permitted. Animals are not permitted in the Library, with the exception of animals trained to assist the disabled. Persons who are disruptive or who do not follow the Library Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the Library. Persons whose behavior is disruptive or dangerous may be placed on "Trespass After Warning" status. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left in library materials or on library property. Library staff are not responsible for the safety or well-being of children left on library property. Children under age 6 may not be left unattended. Children of any age may not be left at the library for "babysitting" purposes.

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